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iMMUNE is Ready for sale!

Well it's been a year in the making and finally it's ready! I checked the Apple Developer site and it says it's ready for sale! Click here to view it on the AppStore! We hope you all enjoy the game, and we are so excited to see your reviews! ;)


iMMUNE Final Update

In the dawn of the new release, we are uploading the final screenshots of iMMUNE. It will be released Tuesday July 28 2009.


iMMUNE Update 05/25/09: Screens

Some new shots of the updated introduction. 


The New Splash Screen

Yes, the game plays your own music from your ipod library, when you click new song another alert will appear and allow you to pause the song, previous or next ect.


iMMUNE Update 05/25/09

We've been working dilligently on iMMUNE to make it as good as possible, and so far, it is really good! We've spent a total of approximately 552 hours coding, and 355 lines of code, 11,391 codes, debugging *a lot of debugging*, design and playing, we think it's going to be a good game and it's not even done yet! We're going to post some new screenshots so you can tell us what you think. 


The New and Improved iMMUNE

As of yet, we don't have many changes in the game, but here's what is going to be included in the final release:

-Increased Difficulty

-New Sprites (Characters and backgrounds)

-Cut Scenes

-A Full Storyline


-Better Main Menu

-Better Introduction

-Better GUI/HUD

And More!

Here's a few pictures of what we have done thus far.

2 New Pictures of the sprites, the backgrounds are not finished yet, I'm working on them, doing all the modelling in 3D Studio Max 9 so it will look as good as possible. Maybe when this one's done I'll do a game using Unity3D. The new introduction is done, but it is being kept secret... unless people want to see it.. anyone?



Here's Wurd Industries' new branch MigApps first app for the iPhone, it's called iMMUNE. This is a fun 2D game in which you play medication destroying viruses. Here's some early screenshots of the game to be released in the summer.

The stomach level is pretty neat, the acid flows in the direction in which you are tilting the phone.

iMMUNE Sneak Peek

I present to you the pre-beta sneak peek of iMMUNE! iMMUNE is a fun 2D game in which you play a pill trying to destroy the evil viruses. The story is Nacho Bondo is sick, so he takes a pill in order to get rid of the infection, but little does Nacho know this isn't any ordinary virus, its a super virus which is going to give this little pill a run for his money! Take a peek at the new screenshots! PS the first to the last shows the progress of the game.

The Icon 

 The Loading Screen

The Accelerometer Test

Changed Interface

When the game starts up you get a Ready? screen which is good cause the moment the game starts you aren't thrown into the action, you have a chance to see what you're up against.


Another great feature, a pause button!

The Updated interface and first level, you start off in the mouth of course and gradually work your way down to the root of the infection. You also have a progress bar that shows you how much of the infection is left in the area.

Incorporated shooting, press the cross-hair button on the side to shoot a small white ball of medication towards the virus.

The New and not final icon.