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New Toy Tennis!

Check out our new versions of Toy Tennis, Toy Tennis HD for the iPad and Toy Tennis 1.2 for the iPhone! Click here to go to the Toy Tennis page


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Toy Tennis Update: 05/03/09

Hello everyone, we've received emails asking us to remove the vibration every time the ball hits the racquet, so we have fixed it, and added a sound effect instead. Also we've fixed a minor visual bug where the "Computer Wins Match" label wasn't showing up properly, so look out for Toy Tennis 1.1 on the app store being released within the next few days.

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Toy Tennis

Well we've finally done it, we've released an iPhone game. It's called Toy Tennis its a fun little tennis game, the first to make it to 5 wins. Updates will hopefully include difficulty settings, and selectable winning scores.

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